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Meet The Only Man In The World Who Owns A Plot on The Moon 1 hour ago

We all have different dreams, different perspectives and very different success journeys, but have you ever imagined someone owning a land on the Moon's surface?.

Rajeev V. Baghdi, a former cricket player and actor shocked the world in 2003 when he decided to buy a piece of plot on lunar surface and the furthest side of the moon.

Rajeev bought the plot at $140 from from Lunar Society International, his plot is located at 32.8 degree North latitude, 15.6 degree West longitude and track- 30. When second lunar exploration mission was developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) in August 2019(Chandrayaan-2), Rajeev managed to survey his plot and mark well the boundaries.

Because of its close proximity to earth, many see the moon as the first human space colony in the few coming years, Moon however has no air that one can breathe and in 2018 it was also confirmed that the lunar surface has no water therefore not conducive for life and last week researchers at University of Hawai at Manoa’s Hawai Institute found out that the moon was slowly fading due to Rusting, they pointed out pollution activities on Earth as the major cause of the pollution.

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