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The Governor Is My Boy, But I Don't Have a Hold Of Him, And I Have a Hold On The Assembly People

opera.com 2024/4/12

A recent video clip released by TVC on their official X handle has sparked conversations regarding the political dynamics in Rivers State, with the spotlight falling on Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

In the video, Wike engaged in a discussion about politics in Rivers State, particularly addressing allegations of his influence over House of Assembly members to impeach Governor Sim Fubara. Responding to these claims, Wike asserted his focus on his ministerial duties, stating, "I have decided not to bother myself in politics but rather concentrate on the assignment given to me by Mr. President, and this is what I have been doing."

Emphasizing his commitment to his responsibilities, Wike revealed that he abstained from Easter festivities, opting instead to remain dedicated to his workload. This declaration aimed to underline his dedication to his official duties and minimize speculation about his involvement in state-level political affairs.

However, the interview took an intriguing turn when Wike questioned his interviewers about the perception of his influence over the assembly members. In response to their assertion that these members were "his boys," Wike challenged, "Who is not my boy that was elected?" The conversation continued as the interviewers suggested that even Governor Fubara could be considered "his boy." Wike clarified that while he may have a relationship with the governor, it does not translate into control over him or the assembly members.

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