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Out Of The 19 Northern States, Benue Is One Of The Very Least Developed — Governor Hyacinth Alia

opera.com 2024/4/12

Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State has brought attention to the stark development disparity within the northern region of Nigeria, emphasising Benue's position as one of the least developed states among the 19 in the area.

According to PUNCH, speaking during a Ramadan fast-breaking event in Makurdi, the capital city, Governor Alia expressed his dismay over the apparent resistance to progress from influential factions within the state.

He highlighted the urgent need for transformative initiatives to address the socio-economic challenges facing Benue's populace.

Governor Alia stated that it is his obligation to prioritise the welfare of Benue people and strive for tangible improvements in their quality of life.

In this vein, he urged the younger generation to engage in agricultural activities, promising governmental support and financial assistance to facilitate their endeavours.

The governor stated that his administration is determined to bridge the development gap and elevate Benue State to a position of prominence among its peers nationwide.

He outlined plans to initiate a series of developmental projects aimed at revitalising key sectors and enhancing infrastructural development across the state.

Governor Alia said, "Out of the 19 northern states, Benue is one of the very least developed. It is just now that we are even installing solar streetlights.

"As we started work, hyenas came out to bite. They are demanding that we should not construct roads, build schools, pay salaries, and provide street lights, and I am saying, ‘no.’

"The poor masses of Benue voted for me in an unprecedented manner. I should work for the masses. Today I invite the young generation to go to the farms. Let us go to the farm. Join cooperatives, and we will support you. The state government will give you the capital to farm."

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