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I Know His Mum And Younger Brother Very Well– Man Who Allegedly Killed His Friend And Took His Bike

opera.com 2024/4/12

In Ondo State, police detectives have apprehended a 39-year-old fruit trader accused of murdering his 34-year-old childhood friend in a bid to steal his motorcycle. The suspect, identified as Babalola Dolapo, reportedly confessed to the crime, alleging that during the attempted theft of the motorcycle, a struggle ensued, leading him to strike his friend's head with a stone.

While acknowledging his involvement in previous motorcycle thefts, Dolapo asserted that this particular incident was not his first attempt and that he had no motive to kill his close friend. He emphasized his familiarity with the victim's family, citing his close relationship with the victim's mother and younger sibling.

Speaking during a police parade reported by TVC, Dolapo admitted to his friendship with the victim and his history of motorcycle thefts. He recounted the fatal encounter, stating that the victim resisted the theft, resulting in a struggle that culminated in the fatal blow to his head. Dolapo expressed bewilderment at the turn of events, asserting that he had never intended to harm anyone in the course of his illicit activities. According to reports, Dolapo proceeded to sell the stolen motorcycle in Ibadan for 130,000 naira and disposed of the victim's body in a pit after the murder. However, he was apprehended by the police in Oke Igbo local government area of Ondo state.

Commissioner of Police in Ondo Command, Abayomi Oladipo, condemned the brutal manner in which Dolapo allegedly attacked the victim, inflicting fatal injuries with a stone and repeatedly striking his head with a wooden object. Oladipo also expressed dismay at the failure of some farm owners in the area to report the discovery of the victim's body, despite the emanation of a foul odor from the pit where it was dumped.

He said: "He is my close friend. And his bike is not the first bike that I will ever steal. When we wanted to steal the bike from him, he dragged with us and I hit his head with a stone. I know his mum and his younger brother very well. Honestly, I can't explain how this happened. I have never killed anybody doing this business.''


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