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Shehu Sani Reacts To Senator Jarigbe's Escape From An Arise TV Interview To Avoid Senate Trouble

opera.com 2024/4/12

In a recent statement via his official X account, former Senator Shehu Sani, has highlighted the underlining concerns behind Senator Jarigbe's unexpected departure from the Arise live TV interview.

Senator Jarigbe's unexpected departure from the Arise live TV interview has raised reactions from various quarters within the country. 

"Senator Jarigbe ‘escaped’ from the Arise live TV interview not to get into trouble in the Senate. Actually, that’s why many Lawmakers are running away from the media and the Social Media. When a Senator is suspended, no Kobo go enter him account," Sani stated.

Sani's statement underlines the growing concern among politicians regarding potential implications, particularly within the Senate. 

He further explained the consequences faced by suspended senators, citing financial implications faced by lawmakers who find themselves going against Senate protocols. 

According to Sani, Senator Jarigbe's departure from the televised interview, therefore, can be interpreted as a precautionary measure aimed at avoiding potential trouble within the Senate.

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