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El-Rufai: Why Do You Have N100bn In Debt On The Same Project You Took N500m Loan To Execute– Lawson

opera.com 2024/4/12

Following the recent revelation of Kaduna State's debt profile, Olufemi Lawson, the National Secretary of the Campaign for Democracy, directed criticism towards former Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai. Lawson questioned why the state government accrued a debt of 100 billion Naira on a project for which they had already taken a 500 million Naira loan. This inquiry emerged amidst Governor Uba Sani's disclosure that the state inherited a substantial debt burden from El-Rufai's administration, totaling 85 billion Naira and 587 million dollars.

Governor Uba Sani's revelation, made during a town hall meeting, sparked widespread reactions from Nigerians, including Lawson. Speaking during an interview with newscentraltv, Lawson acknowledged El-Rufai's efforts in infrastructure development but raised concerns about the state's escalating debt. He alleged that Senator Shehu Sani's rejection of a loan proposal from El-Rufai might have contributed to his inability to secure reelection, suggesting that Sani's stance has now been vindicated in light of the debt burden.

In his critique, Lawson highlighted the apparent contradiction between El-Rufai's loan acquisitions and the state's debt accumulation. He questioned the rationale behind accumulating such a significant debt on a project that initially received a comparatively smaller loan.


Hear him: "If you are taking so much loan to develop the state, why do you have 100 billion Naira in debt on the same project you took 500 million Naira loan to execute?".

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