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You've Finished Your 8 Years As Governor, You Brought A Governor, Allow Him To Rule– Senator Lee Maeba To Wike

opera.com 2024/4/12

Senator Lee Maeba, a prominent member of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, raised concerns about the transparency of former Governor Nyesom Wike's achievements during his time in office. Speaking on Arise Television's NewsDay programme, Maeba, a former member of the National Assembly, challenged Wike's portrayal as "Mr. Project" and called for an investigation into the development claims made during his tenure.

Maeba suggested that the infrastructure projects, such as flyovers in Port Harcourt, touted by Wike may not accurately reflect the true state of development in rural areas beyond the city center. He hinted at a discrepancy between Wike's proclaimed accomplishments and the actual conditions on the ground in these regions.

Accusing Wike of prioritizing his personal political ambitions over the interests of the PDP, Maeba criticized the former governor for allegedly manipulating party dynamics to consolidate his own power. He called for accountability and urged Wike to allow the newly elected governor to lead without interference.

Maeba expressed disapproval of what he perceived as Wike's efforts to exert continued control over Rivers State's political landscape beyond his tenure. He criticized Wike's involvement in selecting his successor and influencing state affairs, cautioning against the state being treated as a personal domain. Maeba advocated for a more democratic and inclusive governance model in Rivers State.

Hear him: "We are a PDP, we have done that internally, now is the time to expose all this hype of Mr. Project, Mr. this, come to Port Harcourt, use the flyover, when you come down from the flyover, drive to the communities and you will ask yourself, what is this. We don't want to go there, but what we are trying to say now is that you betray your own party, go to the next party, you use us as a collateral to say Rivers State is in my pocket, Rivers State is in nobody's pocket; I am sure you have seen the activities of the past few days. Our own is that you have finished your eight years as Governor, you have brought a Governor, the Governor is in office, allow him to rule, you don't want the Governor to rule, you want to continue with the State as a third term."



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