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Alia: Turning Benue around

Blueprint 2024/4/12

Benue state government has been in the news for good cause, since the short period of Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia’s assumption of duty as the state’s helmsman. The people of the state have been bridling with great dreams of how the state will become much more productive and attractive to other states and growing generations. 

Governor Alia himself is already a role model, with the actualization of notable and practical projects. According to many of his people, he has remained “Godsent” to them, with the numerous streamlined objectives on what Benue state should look like under his watch.  

Some governors have been criticised by their opponents over their assumption of duty without clearcut vision and mission for governance. Such first engaged in changing their wardrobes with most expensive attires and jewelry for colourful and ostentatious display of wealth, ostensibly from tax payers’ funds. 

But Governor Alia has remained significant in his display of wisdom on how to turn Benue state to a “New Jerusalem.” The cry of his citizens and their uncontrollable presence in both his office and home, have turned his environment to one that can be likened to an IDP camp. He is undaunted by the burden of his citizens on his neck, which is however making him look above his admired age, yet he remains charismatic and focused, for it is said that “One with God is majority”.

The media have constantly monitored his visions and missions and have followed him closely to x-ray his performances and speeches, so as to ascertain if they are mere political jingles or what is simply described as ‘do as I say and not as I do’. Thus, the veracity of his actions are the reason his acclaimed performances have placed him on the podium of successful achievers, binded with projects that will be historical after his tenure. 

His visions of transformation could be likened to that of former Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state, presently Minister of the Federal Capital Territory; former Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state, now Minister of Works and Housing; former Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos state who was also minister of power. These people initiated revolutionary projects in their states that made everywhere peculiar for business ventures attraction. 

The vibrant Governor Alia is on the verge of changing his state not only as the veritable Food Basket of the nation, but also a World Bank attractive center triumphing over all cabals that could stand against his success progression. Time will soon tell all that he would achieve in a crystal manner. 

The federal government’s interest to support the state with increased security apparatus and personnel, and inclination to assist in the lined up projects of Fr Alia, no doubt, speaks volume of the state’s attraction. Fr. Alia in the short while, is fast trying to cleanse the dirty politics that kept the state in a place of dilemma which slowed down progress. 

Despite the massive work he is doing, Fr. Alia should not be mistaken by the people of the state for a god. He should rather be seen as a motivated individual on a specific mission to deliver good governance and dividends to his people, as well as make his state prominent in all the realms of consideration as a state with a destination. There is a saying “Rome was not built in a day” and another which says “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step” in the right direction. The governor should continue trudging on, in order to celebrate success in the end.

Everybody in Benue state, from the high and mighty to the least person, unanimously endorsed the young priest to lead them, despite differing political affiliations. They looked up to heaven from where their help would come and are not disappointed. Fr Alia is effectively standing in a gap for his state, like the biblical Joseph whose uncommon potential were seen by the ancient Pharaoh of Egypt and endorsed him for the highest office in the land. 

People have associated his emergence with the role played by former Governor George Akume, now Secretary to the Government of the Federation, who, as they said, God used to single out Fr. Alia to make a difference among his equals in his generation. In that regard, Senator Akume, a reputable personality at both the state and federal levels, deserves to be intently appreciated by the people of Benue state hence the significant vote of confidence that they recently passed on him.              

I urge the good people of the state to coalesce all their efforts and energies towards a common goal. With one voice and mind, the state will definitely soar even more than the eagles. They should be wary of envy and jealousy which can only limit a man’s dream and vision and has terrible repercussions. Recall that when Miriam and Aaron, in the biblical book of Numbers, questioned God on why Moses was preferred to lead them, God’s response was to afflict them with leprosy and of which the cure still came from Moses. 

From whatever angle one views the nomination of Fr. Alia, it was meant to be a glorified divine blessing whose content is yet to be unfolded. After the creation of the world and all creatures, God said everything is good and beautiful. If heaven has confirmed that everything God created is good and beautiful, who is to challenge the authority of the Most High to devolve power on who he chooses to, knowing full well as expressed in Psalm 24 that the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therein? 

Fortunately, the federal government has approved state policing which has been a strident cry of the people, to assist in the security of the states. It is hoped that the people of a state, in consonance with their governors, will pool ideas together that will enhance the strength of their governor to achieve much of their expectations and desires which are to safeguard their lands, effectively combat criminals, kidnappers and terrorists, in order to enable them sleep with their eyes closed. 

For the generality of the citizens of the state, it will suffice to say that their individual sacrifices will help their chosen governor raise a strong voice for them at the national and international fora and further attract the authorities to see the need for the World Bank to invest in agricultural production on their fruitful and fertile land the state is blessed with.

Finally the governor’s bold and giant strides are not going unnoticed. Recently, he was honoured by Blueprint Newspapers as the Best Performing Governor. Fr. Alia has become a household name in the history of Benue state. It will therefore be note worthy for the citizens to be fully supportive and be legends in the administration of their present governor. At the end of the day, it is with one voice that Benue citizens will confirm the fact that ‘the glory of young men is their strength and the beauty of old men is the grey head’ (Prov 20:29). Definitely the desire of Benue citizens for a progressive, prosperous and peaceful state will be accomplished and it will be sweet to their souls.

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