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Slain Soldier: I know one person in particular the police or army should be speaking to – Queen Ikolo

kwamkwam.com.ng 2024/4/12

In response to the army’s release of a wanted poster related to the killing of soldiers in Okuama community, Queen Ugonwa Onwuneme Ikolo has voiced her concern.

In a video recently shared on YouTube by Arise TV, Queen Ikolo said there is a specific individual on the wanted list whom she believes should be properly investigated by the police or the army. She stated that the individual has caused a lot of trouble since her husband, Clement Ikolo became king of Ewu Kingdom.

It would be recalled that King Ikolo turned himself in to the authorities after he was included on the wanted list.

In Queen Ikolo’s words: “I know one person in particular that the police or army should be speaking to. I know that since my husband became king, this particular individual who is also on this [wanted] list has not let him have peace. When we went for coronation we went under heavy arms from the military, police, and the state government. The state government brought out their own security apparatus to come to that coronation ceremony. So one of those people in that picture is actually somebody they should be talking to and to the best of my knowledge he has still not handed himself in”.

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