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Nollywood Star Exposes Pastor Over Alleged N25 Million Theft

nivonews.com 2024/4/12

Nollywood Star Exposes Pastor Over Alleged N25 Million Theft

Renowned Nollywood actress Doris Ogala has taken to social media to call out a Nigerian clergyman, identified as Chris, for allegedly failing to repay a debt of N25 million.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Doris Ogala accused Chris of deceitfully handling funds totaling N35 million, intended for her. She revealed that while someone entrusted Chris with the full amount, he claimed that only N15 million had been received, subsequently giving her only N10 million and withholding the remaining N5 million.

Expressing her frustration, the actress demanded the full repayment of her money. She claimed that Chris resorted to threats and blackmail when she confronted him about the unpaid balance. Despite his status as a self-proclaimed man of God, Doris asserted her right to speak out against what she perceives as injustice.

In her impassioned post, Doris emphasized that she earned the money through hard work and was determined to retrieve what rightfully belongs to her. She expressed disappointment at Chris’s behavior, especially considering his religious affiliation.

The actress concluded her message by urging Chris to settle the debt promptly and warned against any attempts to silence her. She vowed to pursue legal action if necessary to recover the unpaid sum.

The allegations made by Doris Ogala against the pastor have stirred significant attention on social media, prompting discussions about transparency and accountability in financial dealings, even within religious circles.

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