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“It Will Come to Pass”: Reactions as Businesswoman Narrates Dream She Had about Cubana Chiefpriest

thetalk.ng 2024/4/12
  • A hair vendor has opened up about how nightlife king Cubana Chiefpriest visited her house in her dream
  • The businesswoman said he was discussing with her husband and handed him a stack of bundles wrapped in a white nylon
  • The lady’s dream has sent social media users into a frenzy as people tried to interpret what it meant

Vera Onyekwere, a Nigerian businesswoman, has shared the dream she had about Cubana Chiefpriest on his birthday.

In a Facebook post, the hair vendor said the nightlife boss visited her house in his Rolls Royce and was discussing with her husband.

Lady causes stir as she shares dream she had about Cubana Chiefpriest
Businesswoman Vera Onyekwere said Cubana Chiefpriest visited her house in the dream.
Photo Credit: @cubana_chiefpriest, Facebook/Vera OnyekwereSource: Instagram

Vera said he handed her husband a bundle of money wrapped in white nylon while she struggled to get her phone to take pictures with him.

He said the money was for her. Vera narrated:

“I hope it’s not malaria‍♀️ I dreamt last night where Cubana chief priest came to my house with his Rolls Royce .

“My phone was plugged inside and I told someone to help me bring it so we can take pictures when he was about to leave, he was discussing with my husband.

“I was still wasting time to bring my phone, he gave my husband a stack of bundle still wrapped in a white nylon to give to madam, like those bundles of money the sale in clubs ( you know how dream works you will be seeing and hearing everything all together).

“I came out, husband man handed over the gift to me and I thank Chief priest.

“I woke up, opened Instagram and today happens to be Cubana Chiefpriest birthday…”

Vera celebrated Chiefpriest’s birthday and prayed the dream became a reality.

Netizens react to Vera Onyekwere’s dream

Munirat Abdullahi said:

“No..it’s a sign of good things coming your way ma. Note this.

“Happy birthday sir.”

Davidson Ebuka said:

“Maybe it’s typhoid but it will be a dream come true.”

Divine Uchechi said:

“It will come to pass.

“You deserve everything good mama.”

Bridget Nkechi Onyije said:

“Dreams come true. I pray you receive more than you deserve .

“Happy birthday to him.”

Queen Otagada said:

“Wow it is a very good one .it will come to pass… Happy birthday to him.”

Grace Emeka said:

“It’s not malaria mama.

“It’s a sign of more good things to come ur way this month of April.”

Cubana Chiefpriest celebrates Verydarkman’s release

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG previously reported that famous nightlife king Cubana Chiefpriest had celebrated the release of Verydarkman.

In a post on his page, Cubana Chiefpriest hailed Verydarkman’s tenacity and doggedness amidst his recent run-ins with Nigerian law enforcement agencies. Cubana Chiefpriest, in his post celebrating VDM’s release from police custody, likened the social media activist to Jesus Christ.

After hailing VDM, Chiefpriest called him his self-proclaimed nickname, the Ratel. The nightlife boss shared a comment after hailing his friend while people were talking, as he noted that VDM has nothing to lose but everything to gain with his current fight.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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